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The Future That Brought Her Here jacket cover

The Future That Brought Her Here: Memoir of a Call to Awaken

A dynamic blend of history, science, psychology, dreams, and visions, Deborah DeNicola's memoir is a compelling account of self-discovery that is provocative and humble. more...

Original Human

This is lush and generous book, a stirring of myth and childhood always coming home to the flesh.  A Gnostic Mary and a young girl on a swing are at home in the same dream. more...

Human Original
Inside Light jacket cover

Inside Light

"This book belongs to Mary Magdalen, the woman who, in the Gnostic gospels, is the confidante of Jesus, both a spiritual initiate and one deeply alive in the body, caught in the rich crisis of being DeNicola looks to find a site of transfiguration, a mountain upon which the self is opened and changed." more...

Orpheus and Company jacket cover

Orpheus and Company

"There are many beautiful and deeply moving poems in this fine anthology, thanks to DeNicola’s careful editorial practice. It is indicative of how far archaic and classical Greek literature has permeated American poetry that this book can reach such a high level at success: at times the poems almost have an Augustan ring to them, pace modernism, such is their poignance and allusion." more...

Where Divinity Begins jacket cover

Where Divinity Begins

"Where Divinity Begins is clearly poetry written out of necessity. There is nothing trivial here, nothing settled easily. Deborah DeNicola has an uncanny instinct to locate her poems at the heart of our human commerce so that the questions asked are always the big questions, and the truths revealed always are truths that can only be discovered through brave acts of the imagination." more...