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Orpheus and Company

Orpheus and Company jacket coverOrpheus and Company is a poetry anthology edited by Deborah DeNicola that includes celebrated poems by Mark Strand, Jorie Graham, Louise Gluck, Sherod Santos, Jack Gilbert, Linda Gregg, Stephen Dobyns, Rita Dove, as well as a number of emerging poets.

There are many beautiful and deeply moving poems in this fine anthology, thanks to DeNicola’s careful editorial practice. It is indicative of how far archaic and classical Greek literature has permeated American poetry that this book can reach such a high level at success: at times the poems almost have an Augustan ring to them, pace modernism, such is their poignance and allusion. It is an important volume.
—The Harvard Review

By gathering such a talented range of poets, all of them drawn to reinvestigate the myths, DeNicola has created a diversified whole which mirrors the multivolcality of the myths themselves. Furthermore, they indicate a sort of group necessity, a soulful and imaginative investigation of what shape 20th century poetics can, or must give to these myths.
—The Boston Book Review

Orpheus and Company shows modern poets at their revisionist best, taking on myths just as they would take on a fixed form, choosing Medusa or Daedalus as an elected constraint, to impersonate, to parody, to politicize, to privatize, to defy.
—The Boston Review

Orpheus and Company is a wonderfully various and exceptionally well-chosen testament to the ways in which contemporary poets have continued to be influenced by Greek Mythology. Deborah DeNicola has gathered an extremely lively selection, from the work of our best poets, one that is solemn, whimsical and archetypal by turns. It is a project of Ovidian scope, a new Metamorphoses for our times.
—David Wojahn

Orpheus and Company is published by This link opens a new website in a new window.University Press of New England