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"I am so appreciative of your input about my dream. It really made sense to me, and helped me to see the message of joy it contained, which allowed me to let go of my anxiety and celebrate that joy--a real transformation!"

Susan F., Unitarian Minister, UU Congregation in Andover, MA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Working on dreams with Deborah as my guide, I deepened my insight and understanding of a relationship during a difficult transition period. The process helped me to release negative feelings, achieve a balanced perspective, and free up my energy for more positive life experiences."

Joan S., Technical Writer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Thanks to Deborah's gentle, persistent and insightful questioning, my dreams continue to reveal a much deeper magic and power... the shark, whale and seal had messages I was finally able to hear. Understanding and integrating the energies of my dream characters is turbocharging my mental, emotional and spiritual awakening."

Joe N., Founder, PlanetaryPartners.com