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Dream Image Work

Intuitive Gateways offers two levels of Dream Image Work:

Mail me Your Dream NOW $25 for quick response.

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In this dream version of our Dream Image Work, you e-mail me your dream in a scene by scene review. I will respond to you in a page of interpretive suggestions and questions for you to ask yourself looking at the dream. Additionally, I will remark on symbols and make suggestions of how you might explore them further. I will tell you some themes your dream suggests and give you ideas on which to meditate.

Dream Image Work - Deep:

Pay $75.00 now and email me your phone number deborah@intuitivegateways.com

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In the "deep" version you will experience an embodied process, a 75 minute intensive immersion in your dream over the phone for $75.00. Based on the theories of Robert Bosnak, my technique will lead you imaginatively to relive the dream in a theta brain state. The dream will reveal itself to you, as opposed to me "interpreting" it. We work in depth in a question and answer method. I will listen to the dream once, talk to you briefly about a few private associations and then lead you through the dream technique in an active imaginative journey, For more information,please see my essays.


"Before working with Deborah, I did not know that my dreams were an incredible access point to my unconscious, to aspects of my multi-faceted human nature. Through the dreamwork with Deborah, I uncovered hidden aspects of myself that were in conflict and brought them into alignment and harmony. This resulted in a wonderful new sense of inner wholeness, peace and confidence."

Beth L., Realtor

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"I am a skeptic, but a disturbing dream led me to seek Debra's help. She is a caring and intuitive dream analyst. She gently guided me through my memory and my body to unveil the symbolism and meaning of the dream. The awareness and insight was immensely helpful and peaceful. And, I have had amazing revelations with her every session since."

Jody D., Dance Therapist

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"Deborah delves into dreams with dramatic results. I had never known the shadow in the action until she introduced me to it. Now I note not only this meaning, but also interpretation of symbols; light and darkness and directions in our dreams. It means a lot to all of us in her open sessions, to learn from one another's experiences, and then to understand how these interact into all of our lives. To dream is to learn, and Deborah's methods of helping us to interpret our own, is to change the depths of our lives. I know that I am a better person as the result of my experience with Deborah, our dynamic dream developer."

Bob M.

All of my work is kept completely confidential.

E-mail me at deborah@intuitivegateways.com for more information.

Disclaimer: I am a dream guide, trained to work with dream imagery, not a psychotherapist and I am not able to diagnose mental problems associated to your dreams. Please seek professional mental health services for related problems.