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Writing Consultation

Intuitive Gateways can give you professional assistance on various writing projects in the genres of poetry, fiction and memoir. I can also help you find the inspiration needed to create new work. If you are especially interested in spiritual subjects and wish to avoid the usual cliches, I will offer new approaches.

"Behind every good writer is a wise and clear-minded editor. Deborah DeNicola is an exceptional developmental and copy editor. She possesses a rare combination of precision, sound judgment, exceptional patience, and flexibility that makes her a joy to work with. She has walked beside me during the arduous process of writing, believing in the potential of my work, telling me the truth firmly but gently, coaxing out of me the best work I was capable of. At moments of discouragement and textual logjam, she provided humor, hope, and a clear vision of the path through the difficulty. Any writer would be fortunate to have her as an ally."

Greg Bogart, author of Planets in Therapy, Astrology and Meditation: The Fearless Contemplation of Change, Dreamwork and Self-Healing, Finding Your Life's Calling, Therapeutic Astrology: Using the Birth Chart in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Counseling

For pricing and process, contact Intuitive Gateways at deborah@intuitivegateways.com with details of what kind of assistance you require. Then return here.

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Poems of the Beloved by Debra DNicola

Poems of the Beloved by Debra DiNicola

Poems of the Beloved by Debra DiNicola

Poem Booklet Included with CD

$10.95 plus shipping